When nothing seems to be working, it’s hard to believe you will ever have the body you really want…

New Personal Training System Can Get Anybody into Fitness Model Shape Practically Overnight and Get You 100x More Attention Whether You Like It or Not

From the desk of: Travis Mayfield
Location: Irvine, California

Dear friend,

There is no “hidden secret” to losing weight and getting fit.

There is no magic pill.

There is no magic machine.

There is no magic fitness DVD.

There is only one thing that you can do to lose weight and get fit and that “one thing” hasn’t changed since the beginning of time.

And when you’re not afraid of this “one thing”, when you crave it every morning you wake up, your body and mind will go through a DRAMATIC transformation.

travis-mayfieldHi! My name is Travis Mayfield and I’m the co-owner of Next Level Fitness, a private personal training super center in Irvine (that’s me!).

And before I can explain what this “one thing” is, you need to know that you are being LIED to again and again.

Let me explain.

In my journey to lose weight and get fit, I literally spent over 100 hours researching the fastest and most effective ways to lose weight and get a ripped six-pack. I was devouring this information as if it were the most delicious buffet ever and I had been starving for the past 20 years.

I had a lot of questions that needed answering…

How come some people live and breath fitness while others hate it? And can those people learn to love it?

Why can’t most people lose fat and get ripped, while others do it seemingly overnight?

Do “bad” genetics really prevent people from losing weight?

And most importantly, what is the absolute best and quickest way for anybody to burn pounds of fat and build lean muscle?

What I found from my research and testing was shocking. I found out 95% of the weight loss and muscle building information out there right now are flat out lies!

Let me save you the time and just tell you what I found out is really happening here…

The 4 Shocking Truths Large Diet and Supplement Corporations Don’t Want You to Know

  • 4

    They Get Away with Anything They Want

    Because this industry is VERY loosely regulated, they can push out products with “magical” claims that aren’t tested or proven to work… at all.

  • 3

    They Own the Fitness Magazines

    Because they own the magazines, they can publish articles tricking their readers into thinking these products really work when they don’t.

  • 2

    They Have Nearly and Unlimited Marketing Budget

    These big corporations can spend tens of millions of dollars on repeating print and T.V. ads. When we hear so much of something, we begin to believe it. But it’s all lies!

  • 1

    They Tell You Losing Weight is Easy

    Losing weight and getting fit is not easy or else everyone would look like a model. The fact is, working out and eating a balanced diet is hard (at first – more on this later) and no one wants to do anything that’s hard. That’s why they always advertise these new gimmicks as easy – people want to believe it and will pay for an easy solution. IT’S NEVER GOING TO WORK.

Doesn’t that just piss you off?!

Most of what we read or see about weight loss and getting ripped are flat out lies.

It is all just to give these corporations more money so they can lie to us again once the hype from their latest gimmick dries up.

And the worst part is the people who try these things and see no results think that losing fat, building lean muscle, and getting ripped is forever impossible for them.

They begin to make excuses like “I tried and it didn’t work so why try again?” or “I just have bad genetics.”

I couldn’t take it anymore! 

I decided the only thing that I could do was prove these corporations wrong.

Through my research, I had discovered the “one thing” that ACTUALLY leads to fat loss, lean muscle gain, and even getting ripped like a fitness model. 

Guess what? It worked! It friggen worked!

And the results were practically over night.

I took this new found knowledge and created a completely new personal training system called the “Next Level Fitness Advantage®.”

It is a complete body and mind personal training system centered around the “one thing” that actually gets incredibly fast results.

What is this “one thing” I keep going on about?

(Warning: This will turn off 80% of the people who read this. The other 20% who accept it WILL achieve their dream body in no time.)

The “one thing” that will literally melt the fat off your body like ice cream in 98 degree weather and can get you ripped faster than the wrapping paper around a 6 year-old’s present on Christmas morning is commitment to the “burn”.

The people who have discovered this secret know that during the “burn” of a workout is where MASSIVE and EXPONENTIAL results occur.

Most people hate the burn. Working out is always seen as “too hard” for them and they stop just when the burn starts. 

Little do they know how close they are to striking “fitness gold” and changing their life forever.

This picture comes to mind…

never give up

Unfortunately, these people are destined to fail.

They haven’t found out how to love the burn and they give up too early (they lack the commitment part).

With the proper mindset, taught in the Next Level Fitness Advantage® system, you will learn how to LOVE the burn.

You won’t need to use ANY willpower to go to the gym and push through the burn.

In fact, you will have to use more willpower NOT to go to the gym. You will begin to crave it. You will feel antsy if you haven’t felt the burn for just two days.

This is how people achieve their dream bodies. They shift their mindset from viewing working out and healthy dieting as “work” into “fun.”

And once you do this, ditching fat and putting on lean muscle becomes EASY!

You might not like the answer, but it is the only proven way to lose fat and build muscle at lightning speed.

And if someone is telling you anything different, sound the bull**** alarms! THEY ARE LYING!

Once you can learn to love it, you will start to crave it, and then it’s easy to become addicted. I had figured out that’s how people go through amazing transformations seemingly overnight.

Since taking over Next Level Fitness three years ago with my partner and transforming it into the private personal training super center it is today, we have grown to have 51 personal trainers who have also discovered this secret to massive body and mind transformation.

Now they train their clients here at Next Level and teach them how to commit to the burn and how to love it!

Does it work? YES! The results are mind-blowing.

Proof The Next Level Fitness Advantage® System Creates Amazing Transformations

Mom Loses 10 Dress Sizes and Wins 1st Place in Bikini Competition

Name: Nicole. Trainer: Kardena Pauza

'When work was going great, I was very busy and put my health on the back burner and ate whenever and whatever I could get my hands on. My weight and waist gradually grew under all the stress. On top of managing my successful business, I got pregnant with my son. After having my son I was a size 12 and I was sick of being heavy, tired, and feeling unattractive. 18 months after having my son I dropped my baby weight, got down to a size 2 and went as far as competing in the West Coast Classic NPC Bikini Division and winning 1st place. I feel so amazing! Thank you!'

Ex Tennis Player Loses 17 Pounds in 30 Days and Builds Lean Muscle

Name: Ngoc. Trainer: Scott Munster

'I moved to the United States after winning my last tennis tournament and securing my #1 spot in Vietnam’s U-18 list of players, only to gain 20 lbs. within two months. Scott Munster not only helped motivate me to get back into shape, he has also introduced me to a better meal-plan that allows me to be and feel much healthier and more energetic!

Even when I felt lazy and angry towards what I let happen, Scott always encouraged me to focus on the solution. He entered me into a 30-day weight-loss challenge to give me a monetary incentive for winning. I finally began to focus on my goals and really stuck to his training. It was very hard at first, because not only did I have to sacrifice “fatty foods,” I also had to give up all my favorite Vietnamese dishes. In the end, however, I was able to lose 17 lbs., as well as, gain very impressive muscles.

Throughout these past months, I have changed a lot–from my diet, to my health, to my overall outlook at life. I have gained a new and more positive perspective and I am so appreciative for all that Scott and T.G.I. Fit has done! All my friends have noticed the difference and it makes me feel really good about myself! Some of them have even signed up with Scott and are now working out with him!'

Dropped 100 Pounds in 8 Months, Now Has a Six Pack, and Now is a Personal Trainer Himself

Name: Darren Irving

'Before I became a Certified Personal Trainer, I was the one who needed to get into shape and lose weight. At 5’ 6” tall, weighing 250 pounds with a 40” waist, I had to take action. I found a gym and tried to workout on my own, but I really didn’t know what I was doing. I found a trainer who through proper diet and exercise, helped me lose 100 pounds in 8 months. After this success, I began to realize that I might be able to motivate other people struggling to lose weight. After receiving my certifications, I began helping my clients achieve their goals. It has been almost 10 years since I became a trainer and I now have my own business with a great client base. I am certified by the International Sports Sciences Association and I have a bachelor’s degree in Health Science.'

Now Darren trains his clients at Next Level Fitness.

  • I’ll show you more transformations in a second, but before that, I want to show you WHY the Next Level Fitness Advantage® system works.

All the Benefits and Reasons Why the Next Level Fitness Advantage® System Has Been Responsible for 2,347 Transformations (and counting)

  • Be Trained By Only the Best Personal Trainers

    Our 51 personal trainers have all passed our strict quality filter before they could be a part of the Next Level family. This ensures you get a qualified, motivating, results-driven, and fun personal trainer.

  • Receive Better Customer Service

    All our trainers are independent business owners who are passionate about helping you succeed, which means you can get much better service and care than trainers from corporate gyms.

  • Feel More Energized With Our Community

    A positive community plays a big part in reaching your goals. Everyone in the Next Level family is supportive of each other and is serous about achieving their fitness goals.

  • Be More Motivated With Every Workout

    Not only will you be able to feed off the energy of the community at Next Level, but your personal trainer will keep you motivated with every workout – a key factor for success.

  • Reduced Chance of Injury

    We will teach you and make sure you always use proper form for each exercise to dramatically reduce the risk of any type of injury, which could severely delay your success.

  • Reach Your Goals Faster

    Our personal trainers will keep you accountable and make sure you don’t miss a session. That means you reach your fitness goals much faster than if you were to work out on your own.

  • Mental and Emotional Support

    We know one the hardest parts of reaching our fitness goals is staying committed. Our personal trainers will give you mental and emotional support to blast through the times when you just want to give up.

  • Learn the Right Foods to Eat

    You will immediately discover what foods are great to eat and which ones to stay far away from (you have probably eaten one of these “stay far away” foods within the last 24 hours).

  • Stay in Amazing Shape Forever

    Not only do we help you lose fat, build lean muscle, and get in amazing shape, we also educate and teach you healthy habits that will keep you in shape forever, not just while you’re with us.

  • Have Fun While You Workout

    We know if we make our training sessions fun, you will look forward to coming to each session. By making working out fun, we know it will be much easier for you to commit and reach your goals.

  • 'Bad Genes' Don't Matter

    Most of our personal trainers used to be overweight before they became a trainer and could have been considered to have “bad genes.” The Next Level Fitness Advantage® system works for every body with any type of genes.

  • Learn to Love the Burn

    Most people fail at achieving their deem bodies because they give up too early. The reason? It takes a lot of willpower for them to workout. We teach you how to love the burn and it takes less willpower to do things you love making it easier to commit to your workout plan.

What you can expect to happen to you if you start the Next Level Fitness Advantage® system

After training with your personal trainer for a while, here’s what’s going to happen to you.

  • 1

    You will learn how to love the burn

    You will become addicted to feeling the burn. You will begin to crave it and it will be very difficult for you to go without it even for just two days.

  • 2

    You will ditch your fat once and for all

    You will learn how to lose fat and keep it off forever by developing the right eating and exercising habits that stick with you for life.

  • 3

    You will become MUCH more attractive

    Whether you like it or not, the opposite sex will find you and your confidence much more attractive and give you more attention.

Many people think they can achieve amazing transformations on their own with a gym membership or by working out on in their living room to the “next big workout DVD.”

The truth is, personal training gets you MUCH better results in a MUCH shorter period of time.

Lost Over 10” and Down 3 Dress Sizes

Name: Therese. Trainer: Scott Munster

“For the past 5 months, I have been working out with Scott and have never felt better! I have gone down 3 dress sizes and lost over 10 inches off my body. Scott has not only provided me with daily encouragement, but has made working out a fun experience. Thanks to him, I have more energy and confidence than ever before. His optimism towards your success is endless and after just one workout, you will see that this is his passion in life!

Thank you Scott for all that you do!!!”

Here’s how the Next Level Fitness Advantage® system stacks up against other fat loss options

Lost Over 20 Pounds!

Name: Jillian. Trainer: Scott Munster

“Thanks to Scott, I have lost a few dress sizes and 20 lbs.! He has not only got me in the best shape of my life, but also given me the confidence that I can accomplish anything I want! His workouts are challenging, but he always finds a way to make you laugh and have fun!

Thanks for all that you have helped me accomplish and I can proudly say, “T.G.I. Fit!””

And here’s how we compare to other personal training services…

Next Level Fitness Advantage® Other Personal Training Programs
System designed from the ground up for people with “average” or “below average genetics” made by people with “average genetics” themselves. The NLF Advantage can get ANYBODY into amazing shape. Most people who become personal trainers have been in relatively good shape their entire life. They don’t know the secret sauce to get the average person in shape.
We teach you how to ditch fat fast and keep it off forever. Our system creates such amazing results in such short periods of time, it will have your friends and family BEGGING to know what you did. They don’t teach you how to develop healthy habits that can keep your fat off forever, because that means they will eventually lose a paying customer. 
We offer a free, complete trial workout session with no credit card required, no obligation, and no sales pressure of any kind. Their “free consultations” are cleverly designed as hardcore sales pitches with no actual trial workout. 
We will educate you every step of the way. You will learn proper form for every exercise to minimize injury and maximize each workout. Less focus on education and more focus on completing their standardized checklist with an anything goes approach.
Our workouts are fun and varied: we switch up exercise routines regularly to avoid the “plateau effect” and maximize our time together. Same exercise routines week in week out.
Our exercise routines come from a variety of different styles and techniques proven to work by science and from first-hand results. Their routines are extremely standardized and consist of the same basic 7-9 exercises they learned in their 2-day online “personal training certification.”
We are certified by the most prestigious fitness groups such as the “National Academy of Sports Medicine” or “The American Council on Exercise.” They only require their trainers to complete an online “personal training certification” that can be done in two days and only cost $40.
We became personal trainers because we are passionate about fitness and health. In fact, we consider it our purpose in life and we’re pretty damn good at it (more before and after photos if you scroll down). Most personal trainers out there became a trainer because they saw a “for hire” sign and needed a job. They don’t have strict qualifications requirements for their trainers so they pretty much let anybody in.
We are genuinely passionate for your success and we’ll be there every step of the way motivating you and keeping you accountable so we both can make sure you succeed. They don’t genuinely care for your success. They don’t provide accountability outside of each training session. They are there just to count your reps, check items off their checklist, and be your “gym buddy” (yuck, what a waste of money!).
  • However, I think it is only fair to tell you…

Gained 25 Pounds of Muscle Before Appearing on the Bachelor Pad 2

Name: Kasey. Trainer: Scott Munster

“Scott helped me with my workout regime and provided a specialized diet plan to help me be prepared for my TV debut. I feel great and have never looked better!”

Built 18 Pounds of Lean Muscle

Name: Ray. Trainer: Kardena Pauza

“When I first went to Kardena, I had very specific goals in mind. I had always been slim, but I wanted to improve my muscle tone and overall fitnessAfter a lot of hard work coupled with a great deal of encouragement and support from a great trainer, I was able to put on 18 lbs of lean muscle.

I have more confidence approaching women and I have had more success getting datesKardena is not only a knowledgable and experienced trainer, but a great motivator. I’d recommend her to anyone who would like to improve their overall physical fitness. Thanks Kardena!”

If you expect your personal trainer to bring you water and carry around your towel, we are not the personal training program for you

If you’re looking for a personal trainer who will just count your reps or spend half the session looking at themselves in the mirror, then we are not the personal training program for you.

If you want to be trained by some kid who just applied to a job at a chain gym as a personal trainer just so he could meet girls, then we are DEFINITELY not the personal training program for you.

In fact…

  • We are not here to babysit you; we are here to give you effective workouts.
  • We are not here to pamper you; we are here to get you in incredible shape.
  • We are not here to get you big and bulky, or turn you into a body builder.
  • We are not a rep-counting service; we will create a custom workout plan for you.
  • We are not know-it-alls, but we do know how to make your dream body a reality.
  • We are not egotistical, steroid-taking psychos or feel entitled to the world.
  • We are not the lowest priced personal training program in town; we focus on delivering amazing results, not offering the cheapest service.
  • We do not just stand around holding clipboards; we will motivate you, push you, and bring out the best of you in every workout.
  • We are not going to put you on a treadmill for an hour and call it a workout.

Some people like those kinds of personal training programs and there is nothing wrong with those, that’s just not who we are.

We are into delivering amazing results, FAST!

However, I do have to warn you…

Since we are a high quality service that delivers high quality results, we are not the cheapest in town.

When it comes to your health and your body, is the “lowest price in town” what you’re really looking for?

If you are sick and in need of surgery, do you find the cheapest doctor in town or do you look for proper treatment?

If your health, body, and happiness is important to you, do you want just a “bandaid”, or do you want the SOLUTION?

Formed Healthy Habits and Lost 100 Pounds!

Name: Cale. Trainer: Scott Munster

“Scott Munster has a made a huge impact on my life and has been the one reason I have been able to see success with my weight loss.

When I quit playing professional football, I was topping the scales at 310 lbs. Scott helped by focusing on what I ate (since 80% of your success comes from your diet). He broke down what foods I needed to limit and looked for deficiencies in my diet. Unlike some plans out there, he didn’t try to put me on some outrageous diet that was hard or impossible to maintain.

Scott’s high-energy workouts, his persistence and his drive to see me succeed kept me going when things got difficult. Scott provides a lot of attributes that you won’t see from other trainers and I believe that is why he was able to get me results after 8 years of bad habits.”

Lost 17 Pounds in Weeks

Name: Scott. Trainer: Kardena Pauza

“I was on a two-month plateau with my own workouts. I dropped 17 lbs. in weeks with Kardena. My knee pains have diminished and I can now do dynamic leg exercises pain free! I used to barely fit into a size 38, and now 34 pants are loose!”

If you’re looking for a low price service and you will settle for low end results, then we’re not right for you.

Please understand we can only be as passionate about your health and fitness success as much as you are.

So if you don’t find these things important to you, please don’t waste our time or yours.

But if you do value the way you look and your health, here’s what we can do…

Call us at 949-205-7520 to speak with Jessica or Elise (our customer care specialists) about coming in for one FREE full workout session.

August 1, 2014 Update:

For a limited time, we are offering an entire FREE WEEK (3 full sessions) instead of just one.

That’s how confident I am you will absolutely LOVE the Next Level Fitness Advantage® system.

Space is limited (we don’t want our gym overcrowded) and remember, this is a LIMITED TIME OFFER.

I literally had to beg my partner to offer this deal.

And he agreed, but only for the rest of August. I challenge you to find a better introductory personal training offer.

Once you call us, we’ll see if you’re a good fit for the Next Level Fitness Advantage® system.

When you call, you can schedule a time to come in where I’ll personally give you a tour of our training super center, a complete fitness consultation, and pair you up with the personal trainer who we together believe will be the best fit for you.

Remember. There is NO COST and ZERO OBLIGATION to accept this offer.

If you don’t like it after your three free sessions, you don’t have to pay a penny… guaranteed!

If you want the fat to melt off your body, develop lean muscle, and get in such good shape you could be a fitness model, then you have no reason not to call and take us up on our free offer.

However, I only think it’s fair to tell you…

Our prices are about to go up.

Our inboxes and phones have been blowing up recently because of the amazing transformations we’ve been getting for our clients.

In order to continue to provide the Next Level Fitness Advantage® system with its high quality workouts and unmatched personal attention to every client, we can only take on so many clients at any time.

But don’t worry! Our policy is once you sign up, we’ll NEVER raise your rates! You won’t ever receive a surprise rate increase letter in the mail.

So if you call us now and sign up for our three free sessions, you can be locked in your lower price bracket forever.

The longer you wait, the higher the price will go up. And that’s assuming we’ll even have room for more clients in the future (I would DEFINITELY call right away if you want a guaranteed spot).

Last time I checked, we had room for 8 more people, but Jessica just came into my office and told me she signed up three more people earlier this week.

That means we only have room for 5 more people to sign up in August…

before we have to raise our prices or even have to start turning people away…

Bottom line: The sooner you call, the lower the price you have to pay.

Here’s exactly what you get with your free trial workout…

“Growing Up, I Was Aways Fat. Until Now!”

Name: Carly. Trainer: Kardena Pauza.

I have struggled with weight for as far back as I can remember. As a sad pre-teen I started my high school years at almost 200 lbs. In school I would keep to myself because I was embarrassed of how I looked and thought everyone was judging me.  I finally got sick of feeling this way so I asked my parents to help me find a trainer. They were so supportive then we found Kardena. Kardena taught me how to love myself again and how to look at working out as a way to make me stronger–not just to lose weight.

I lost weight AND toned my body so I have a sexy shapely firm body. What I learned with her stays with me every day. I now weigh about 145 lbs and I am happier and healthier than ever. Because of Kardena I learned the safe, fun way to work out. I owe everything to her. Thanks for helping me lose 55 lbs!”

Now With a Rock-Hard Six Pack, He Can’t Imagine Working Out On His Own Again!

Name: Ken. Trainer: Kardena Pauza

“I’ve learned so much. Before I started training I could only bench press 25 lbs. dumb bells and I didn’t know anything about working out or how to get in shape. Now I bench press 85 lbs. dumb bells easily. When I trained by myself I would only workout for 20 minutes, get side-tracked and leave.

The workouts are 1 hour of intensity. I get the support and advice I need to do the exercises correctly. I get the motivation to push myself every time. I’ve gained over 17 lbs. of solid muscle, I have way more endurance in my hockey games, and I am so much healthier. I couldn’t imagine going back to working out on my own!”

Get Three (3) Free Personal Training Sessions to Try Us Out. No Credit Card Required.

  • Three (3) Free Personal Training Sessions

    For a limited time, we have extended our introductory offer from just one free session, to three!

  • Free Fitness Consultation

    Before your first free session, we’ll give you a tour of our facility, provide a fitness consultation, and pair you up with a trainer we both think will be a great for you.

  • Free 20 Minute Massage

    BONUS: Get a free 20 minute massage for pain and stress relief from one of our own chiropractic and massage therapists.

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Still Have Some Questions?

  • q-iconWill I be able to afford it?

    Most people assume a personal trainer is wildly expensive and something only for the rich, but not here! The cost per session is equivalent to going out for dinner for two, but the benefits far outweigh any fancy meal. Pricing will depend on how many sessions per week you want and if it is one on one or a small group.

  • q-iconWill personal training really work for me?

    Yes. The Next Level Fitness Advantage® system was designed to work for anybody at any age with any body type. Most of our trainers were overweight before they got fit and became a personal trainer. They discovered exactly what it took to get themselves fit and after helping hundreds of people themselves, they can help you, too!

  • q-iconWill it be a lot of work?

    Getting fit doesn’t have to be a lot of work as long as you’re smart about it. When you work with a professional and experienced personal trainer, they will teach you proper form and provide you a customized and varied workout plan to maximize the effectiveness of each workout  and your time (something impossible to do on your own).

  • q-iconHow long does it take to see results?

    Honestly? You will see results just after the first week. You will also feel more energized, motivated, and ready to kick more butt the next week. During your first training sessions, you will discuss your goals with your trainer and they will be able to tell you approximately how long it will take you to reach your dream goal, which depends on how often you schedule training sessions.

  • q-iconWhat if I'm not completely satisfied?

    Our introductory offer includes a free fitness consultation and three (3) full personal training sessions. During these sessions, you can see if the Next Level Fitness Advantage® system, our trainers, and our facility is right for you. We don’t require any kind of credit card information from you to accept this offer so if you don’t like it, don’t pull out your wallet! It’s that easy.

  • q-iconWhat is your facility like?

    Our 10,000 sq.  ft. facility was built for the sole purpose of private personal training – not public gym memberships. We have everything a standard gym would have including several workout machines, free weights, a cardio room, lockers, and private showers. We also have an open turf floor, tons of variety of exercise equipment, a small food store, Kona Spray Tanning, and Next Level Wellness who provide chiropractor, massage, and acupuncture services (see photos of our facility below).

Photos of Our Facility

The Front Desk

Weight and Turf Area

Inside the Gym

Open Turf Area

The Treadmills

Store Counter

The Lifting Area

Strength Training

A Locker Room

Receiving Motivation

Get Three (3) Free Personal Training Sessions to Try Us Out. No Credit Card Required.

  • Three (3) Free Personal Training Sessions

    For a limited time, we have extended our introductory offer from just one free session, to three!

  • Free Fitness Consultation

    Before your first free session, we’ll give you a tour of our facility, provide a fitness consultation, and pair you up with a trainer we both think will be a great for you.

  • Free 20 Minute Massage

    BONUS: Get a free 20 minute massage for pain and stress relief from one of our own chiropractic and massage therapists.

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Kardena Used to Be Overweight, Then She Went on to Win Miss America Fitness 2007

Name: Kardena Pauza

Kardena used to be overweight, then she decided to make a lifestyle change and pursue health and fitness as a priority in her life. Through personal training, she began to ditch fat forever and build lean muscle.

She went a step further and continued her training until she obtained a fitness model body, literally. She ended up competing in many fitness model competitions and ended up winning Miss America Fitness in 2007.

After she saw the priceless changes made in her life through personal training, she decided to pursue it as a career. She started her own personal training business, Edge Personal Training, and trains her clients at Next Level Fitness.

She is a nationally certified personal trainer holding certifications from ISSA and NASM. She has 10 years of personal training experience and is also a published author.

From No Muscle Whatsoever, to Ripped!

Name: Danny Lee

Danny Lee used to be a small guy with a big desire to get ripped.

He was willing to do whatever it took to get himself there and he did it! Through personal training, Danny was able to put on pounds of muscle and cutting fat at the same time. The results? A fitness model body fit for the cover of Men's Fitness Magazine.

Danny, through his own transformation, became passionate about helping others achieve their dream bodies also. Now he is a nationally certified personal trainer who has transformed the body and lives of many people, including celebrities. Danny is proud to train his clients at Next Level Fitness through his business, OC Life Fitness.

Grew Up Obese, Lost 60 Pounds, Became a World Class Personal Trainer

Name: Scotty 'The Body' Munster

Scott grew up overweight and would often be teased by his classmates and brothers for his weight. He played linesman position in football during school and would often be forced to eat whatever and as much as he could to maintain his bulky figure to play.

He soon realized how much harm and danger he was doing to his body so he decided to make a lifestyle change. He became obsessed with nutrition and fitness. Not before long, he was able to completely transform his body, health, and mind through personal training. He lost 60 pounds of fat and got ripped arms and a six pack.

Like many of our other trainers, Scotty 'The Body' decided he would make personal training and transforming people's lives his passion and career. He quickly became a personal trainer and through his energetic and charming personality, grew a huge client base under his business, T.G.I. Fit. Now Scott trains his clients at Next Level Fitness as one of the head personal trainers here.

14 lbs. Gone in 2 Months!

Name: Bridget. Trainer: Kardena Pauza.

'I lost 14 lbs. In 2 months thanks to Kardena's customized program! I went from 29% body fat to 19% body fat. I sleep much better and I'm more focused throughout the day. I feel amazing! Thanks, Kardena!'

From a Size 44 Waist to Size 36 with More Endurance Than Ever

Name: David. Trainer: Kardena Pauza

'My basketball game was suffering and I was so tired after playing a night of basketball. The other guys had so much more energy than me and were in much better athletic shape. I love playing basketball so much and I was feeling down about my lack of ability. My coworker said he was going to a trainer so I seized the opportunity to do something about this issue and joined him.

I have lost over 30 pounds in 3 months, I have so much more energy on the basketball court that my team is winning more and I am much stronger! I’m doing things in the gym I never thought I could like pull-ups. I went from a 44 waist to a 36 inch waist. Kardena is certainly the best trainer I have encountered. She tailors a workout to your needs, thinks of challenging routines that truly work out every body part imaginable.

I come in different times of the day and each time she has something set up for me in advance. I recall many times I would go workout after work; the day drained me, I was tired, low energy and not really wanting to workout but I would drag myself to the gym... after my workout, my body would tingle and I’d feel totally energized and I was happy that I decided to workout vs wuss out (Kardena's phrase). I am more than pleased! Thank you Kardena you rock out loud!'

Couple Changed Their Lifestyle and Got Fit Together

Name: Alex and Fabianna. Trainer: Scott Munster.

'Scott Munster is not a typical fitness trainer… And that is because Scott is truly passionate and dedicated to his profession. I joined T.G.I. Fit in May 2011 and I have gained a whole new perspective of what fitness (or getting fit) is all about–it’s not about the nice flat screen TVs, it’s not about latest machines around you, it’s not about some guy telling you to lift this and that while he monitors his watch to make sure you don’t exceed his time (the session); it’s a fine balance between physical and emotional efforts.

And it is with that understanding that Scott Munster finds a way to motivate and push to the limit each one of his clients–and trust me–he will get the max out of you! One more thing… I am the one (not Scott) that is monitoring the time–looking forward to the end of the session… Ready to join T.G.I. Fit? You have been warned – good luck!'

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