4 Easy Workouts For Absolute Beginners

All types of exercises provide several health benefits. Whether the exercise is a high-intensity exercise or it is a low-intensity exercise, it helps in burning calories, strengthening muscles and what not. And also, any person can start exercising programs at any time of his/her life. If he/she don’t have the very high strength or can’t afford the expensive exercise machines, he/she can go for low-intensity exercises. Every person wants to perform that particular exercises through which he/she can get maximum results in minimum time.

A beginner in the world of exercises always looks for low-intensity easy workouts. So, here are five amazing workouts that a beginner can do easily and acquire various health benefits:

1. Tricep Dips

You can easily perform this workout move with the help of a bench and balancing your elbows, legs and hands and the core. These exercises require several movements of body joints. So, you can tone various muscle groups by engaging the dips in different movements. After working with low impact, you can modify these exercises for getting more health benefits. As you can switch to other dips exercises that involve several bars requiring high body impact. These exercises are beneficial for reducing several injury risks.

2. Assisted Squats

The more comfortable moves than the traditional squats are the assisted squats. Several wonderful machines have been developed for performing these exercises. These exercises largely help in strengthening of lower body muscles such as thighs, hips, tendons, ligaments, etc. Also, you can build core strength by performing these exercises. It is a misconception that these exercises are reserved for bodybuilders, lifters, etc. But any person of any height and weight can do these exercises and build his/her body.

3. Jumping Jacks

Also known as side-straddle hop, this exercise involves bending and touching of the floor in between various jumps. In addition to regular jumps, a person uses his/her hand for clapping and other actions. Other exercises similar to jumping jacks are power jacks, half-jacks. These exercises help in increasing the heart rate and metabolism of a human being. Also, you can improve the oxygen level and blood circulation in your body by performing these exercises. So, a beginner can easily do these exercises and achieve all body cardiovascular workout.

4. The Modified Plank

Another easy workout move for a beginner is the modified plank move. This workout can be performed at anywhere outside on the road or inside sitting on the chair. This exercise helps in elongation of the spine and building of the core of a human being. You can also strengthen your arms, wrists and improve the body balance by performing the modified plank. For getting maximum benefits, you need to hold the particular pose of this exercise for 15 seconds. Many personal trainers start the health programs by teaching this exercise.


A beginner can build his/her body quickly by performing some amazing workouts without requiring treadmill or other exercise machines. Tricep Dips involves several joints and help in reducing various injury risks. Assisted Squats are lot more easy exercise than traditional squats as they use particular exercise machines. You can perform the modified plank at any place. Follow these easy and quick exercises and gain many health benefits.

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