How to Use the Stationary Bike

A stationary bike is a very convenient mean for doing regular exercise. Exercise using a stationary bike enhances physical fitness and overall health of any human being. The stationary bike is the very operative way by which we can have a good physical shape and maintain a sound health. It provides secure, low impact and excellent cardiovascular exercise.

As there are different types of bikes with a different configuration, it is extremely important to know the that how to use the Stationary Bikes to get various health benefits from the stationary bike.

Types of Stationary Bikes


There are two types of stationary bikes – Upright and Recumbent

Upright bikes are designed much like the ordinary outdoor bike and On the recumbent bike, you can recline on a backrest with your legs stretched out to the pedal. In The upright bike needs your legs to be extended and back is not supported On the Other hand Recumbent bikes offer a more relaxed sitting position like a chair. Continue reading to know more about therapy inversion table .

Proper Bike Set-up


Before a using a stationary bike, a proper set-up a required that give an effective workout and decreases the risk of any injury. This setup involves three to four variables:

  1. Seat height – Adjusting the seat of the bike is the first important step. Have a seat in which you can place your feet onto the pedals. You should have only a small bend in your knee and should be able to pedal easily without requiring any extension.
  2. Seat fore & aft – After proper adjustment of the seat, a forward and backward seat moving feature can make exercising more comfortable. If you find any problem with knees coming closer to toes or beyond, keep on adjusting the seat for more comfort and the better workout.
  3. Handlebar Height – The height of the handlebars should be adjusted that does not put any stress on the back. Fix them at a suitable position at which can they can reach easily while keeping your elbows slightly bent.
  4. Foot Straps – Foot straps are used for placing the feet in them while pedaling. Make use of this feature, which allows you to pedal easily creating a more systematic pedal stroke. The straps should fit comfortably.

Some Tips To Use A Stationary Bike


As before using anything, one must be properly trained and is well versed in the vital points so that he can a maximum of It. Following proper tips of how to use a stationary bike can avoid many injuries and provides all around fitness.

  1. Select The Most Convenient Model – The foremost step before using a bike is to select the model that is most comfortable for you. After fully satisfied with the model, you can start exercise and get better results.
  1. Know The Display Panel – Knowing of the Display level is a necessary thing that makes you aware how good your are exercising. It also provides an idea that how much more you have to do, and you start working more on it that results in better workouts every time.
  1. Adjust The Pedal Straps Properly – By properly adjusting the pedal straps of the stationary bike and using them makes the riding much more efficient than pedaling without them. Do not remove the foot straps from your bike.
  1. Avoid Pedaling with just your toes – Always Pedal using your foot and the toes both. Press the foot and through the heel while pedaling up and down. It leads to more comfortable riding.
  1. Avoid Bending Over – Don’t get your body into a position that results in rounding of the back. This can result in back and neck pain. Keep your chest up, ears and shoulders well in line and belly button drawn in which makes a perfect balance for riding a stationary bike easily.
  1. Use It Differently – A stationary bike is unable to give a total-body workout so don’t try to use it like other machines. To get best results from the bike, you have to use it for only that benefits that it can give.


In a Sum, A stationary bike no doubt is a valuable equipment for an excellent workout. It provides an immense number of benefits to a human being. It is convenient mean of exercise which can be used anywhere inside a home or outside at the road. But It is very vital to know that how to use this stationary bike for acquiring different benefits from it.

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