Does Using an Exercise Bike Help Burn Belly Fat?

It is very common to see people with belly fat these days. These people do various types of exercises, use many exercise equipment or emit a great amount of sweat so as to burn calories. These various activities help a bit but do not provide effective weight lose. So, using an exercise bike in a targeted manner will help you burn belly fat. The specific knowledge of how to use a stationary bike can help in acquiring various types of benefits that are required for losing weight. Following proper tips while cycling along with sensible diet is a great thing for burning belly fat.

Interval training

Interval training is a great and a wonderful activity to burn effectively fat. You can begin this with a ten-minute warm-up at low speed, then pedal as fast as you can for 40 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds and repeat his cycle several times. Try various sets of all-out efforts when you have free time after long rides. If you observe any improvement in your stamina, then you can try pedalling continuously for more time and build more endurance for better results. By following interval training, you can lose fair amount of calories from your body.

Speed and Resistance level

Exercise bikes have an option of working out with low or high resistance level. Many bikes also allow you to use them at slow, moderate or fast speeds. So, working out against high resistance and at high speeds will make you burn efficient calories. Moreover, the use of resistance bands and hand weights while cycling provide wonderful results. Recumbent stationary bikes are ideal for resistance and strength training because of their reclined position that allows your arms to move freely while you remain firmly seated.

Exercise Bikes Basics

It is imperative to follow the basics of an exercise bike for getting maximum benefits from it. By following proper basics, you can do particular aerobic exercise that involves using the considerable amount of oxygen. This oxygen helps in making the heart and the lungs function better and also provide more energy. So, overall better functioning of respiratory system can be achieved by using an exercise bike.

Mixing various exercises

Along with cycling, if you do various fat-burning and muscle building exercises you can optimize your belly fat workout. By alternating your workouts daily, you can get benefits from all these different exercises. Also, various activities such as jogging or running are beneficial and burn adequate calories. You can also acquire other benefits from these exercises that can help to cycle more and lose weight.

Some tips of burn belly fat using an Exercise Bike

  1. Adjust the seat and handlebars of an exercise bike before cycling it. With proper adjustment, you can exercise more and show accurate results.
  2. Make a proper routine of cycling on the exercise bike. Try to exercise according to your routine as this is very beneficial.
  3. Avoid eating high-calorie items when you are routinely riding an exercise bikeas this would not allow to achieve your goal. Always try to maintain your diet while cycling for many weeks.
  4. Try to exercise more and more on the bike. Some exercises guideline says that 300 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per week is required so as burn adequate fat.
  5. Try to use exercise bike with large resistance levels. The extra amount of effort required against the resistance burns huge calories.
  6. Take your stomach fat very seriously and then use an exercise bike as it can make you try more and more so lose it efficiently.
  7. Use exercise bike at a moderate pace that involve considerable use of lower body muscles and thereby result in burning many calories.


In summary, the exercise bike is amazing equipment for burning belly fat. A person should select a particular bike according to his weight and height and start exercising on it to start losing fat. He should use the bike with large resistance level and at a moderate speed so as to burn various calories. He can start interval training and can also do other different kinds of exercises apart from cycling. The more time you spend on exercise bike, the more early you can burn belly fat.

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